some changes and a request...

The other day I was going through my page/blog stats and I had a chin-dropping, holy-cowing, omg-ing moment when I realized that my January page views DOUBLED from December. I got about 20,000 views in December. January? Over 45,000 views!!! Holy cow guys. I had an average of 1,000 views a day with a high day of over 8,000! I couldn't believe my eyes! I've stopped worrying about followers anymore and tried to focus more on actual readership. And boy has it paid off! I was hoping along my list of links and noticed that my Facebook likes weren't really comparable to everything else. So guys, Batman has a little request for you...

If you wouldn't mind helping a girl out [or haven't done so yet], hop over to the Crafted Love Facebook page and hit that "like" button [or just "like" from the sidebar widget]. It would really make my day! I plan on sprucing up the page and adding some fun "posts" that you wouldn't find on any of my other social media sites just to keep things interesting. So jump on over there and help a girl out!

Also, I spruced up my Daily Reads page with some of my favorite blogs that I read every day, or at least every time they post :] So after your done liking my fan page, go check out the changes and maybe find yourself a new favorite blog!

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