DIY | Chalkboard Table Restyle

Hi guys! Mike and I spent the first day of my Spring Break bringing home some stuff from my house at college that I wasn't using anymore. We figured it's best to spread out the moving as much as possible. Well, we brought home my grey sleep sofa and TV so we've been rearranging our apartment for the thousandth time it feels like. 

As we were rearranging I saw this little $7.00 table we bought from IKEA forever ago just as a temporary solution for our living room. It worked perfectly for what we needed at the time but now I felt like it was a little boring. Nothing a little chalkboard paint can't cure...

This is an extremely simple DIY but just in case you're like me, and don't like reading the directions on the back of your chalkboard paint, here's what I did... Step One: I didn't want the paint to go all the way to the edge of the table so I taped up the edges so there was about a half an inch of tape on the surface. Step Two: grab your chalkboard paint, whether it's homemade, store bought, or spray paint, it should all work the same way. It's a little cold this week here so I chose not to spray paint. Paint over the surface of the table in a vertical direction. Once covered, let it dry and set for about 4 hours. Step Three: After 4 hours, paint in the oposite direction [horizontally] and then let it cure for 24 hours. Don't try and write on it before letting it cure. You will scratch off the paint. Be patient! Step Four: After 24 hours has passed, take a piece of chalk and holding it sideways, cover the whole surface of the table in chalk. This conditions the table so that it's ready for you to write on. Right after you cover the surface you can wipe it off with a paper towel. Step Five: You are done! Enjoy your new table and write something fun on it!

You see my coasters on the table??? Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably heard about how they were featured on Mashable! I was beyond excited when I was contacted by the editor. Check out the article [here] or buy your own in my shop! I've had several new orders since the article went live!


  1. how cute is this?! i absolutely love it!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. SO fun, I need to do this!


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