DIY | Flatware Art

Alright, this "DIY" has been sitting on my computer desktop for months. Literally. I made up this little project for a gift swap this past Christmas. I have no clue why I've put off posting it for so long. I guess I just never felt like it. But with how crazy my last few weeks of college have been, I finally decided to gather it all together to show you. It's super simple and uses supplies I already had in my house!

If the photos aren't clear enough, spray paint your picture frame... wrap your scrap fabric around the frame back... spray paint your silverware [this may take a few coats]... glue them all together!

See how simple? This is perfect for over your oven to spruce up your kitchen, or if you're a foodie/lover of cooking, maybe hang it up in your living room to show off! Our kitchen right now doesn't really lend itself to much decor, but if our apartment in Minnesota is as nice as I hope, I may need to make one of these myself! Happy crafting!

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