life lately [spring break addition]

I'm a pretty finicky eater. Ok, well maybe I wouldn't call is "finicky" but I'm kind of a Plain Jane when it comes to most foods. Normally, my pizzas consist of cheese and peperoni... sausage if I'm feeling extra fancy. But I've been trying to branch out lately and this past weekend Mike and I split a pizza with peperoni, sausage, banana peppers, mushrooms, and green peppers. I was way proud of myself. Better yet, it was fantastic.

Spring Break has allowed me to watch my brother play basketball which has been amazing [did you see him dunk???]. Over the weekend we went to the University of Dayton to watch one of his tournament games. The arena was packed. It was pretty awesome watching him on a college court.

Break has also meant I have time to move some of my Oxford things home to our apartment. We moved my TV in and replaced the one we had there originally. Our living room feels so much bigger now with the smaller flat screen. I love how our apartment is shaping up :]

I spent Monday morning enjoying my weekday off. I lounged in my PJs while catching up on blogs and pinning. It was perfect.

Tuesday I started work at my hometown job at Dorothy Lane Market. I can always use the money and I knew my boss would need some extra hands. It may not be design, but I love my job as a produce associate. I get to cut and arrange fruit all day and man, are those colors pretty.

Last night, Mike and I celebrated some good news I got while at my routine derm/skin exam. I got my first clear check [no moles removed] in forever! I get to go every 5 months now instead of 4. That's a pretty big deal for this ginger kid :] So we cooked up some tacos and fajitas and drank some Coronas while watching In Time from Redbox [which, by the way, was kind of a crappy movie].

How has your week been? Have you done anything crafty lately? Link me up!!!

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