life lately...

I love Spring dew. And with a lower level apartment, it makes picture taking quite easy.

I've slowly started making my way through my scrap fabric pile so I can start buying more fun patterns. I made up a cute little market bag to add to my collection of reusable grocery bags. I was pretty proud of myself... it's really well made.

This weekend Mike and I started our wedding registry. We had a lot of fun with the red Target scanner but I've got to tell you, making a registry was pretty hard for a couple who already has a lot of things we need. Not going to lie, there might very well be a set of Nerf guns on our wedding registry :]

The trees have started to bloom in Oxford! It makes walking to class so much more fun every day. I still can't believe it's only March though!

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  1. You are such a genius for putting nerf guns on your list! I'm totally stealing that when idea when I get married. 


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