on being a ginger...

This spike in temperature lately has certainly jump started my daily Summer routine. Did you know that sunscreen has an expiration date? Most people don't. In fact, I didn't until a few years ago. For most people, that doesn't really matter. Using last year's sunscreen won't cause you to burn anymore than usual. But for me, that's not something I want to chance. So every year I get a new stock. I spent $24 at the drug store on new sunscreen for this season and guess what it got me? Those two little bottles up there. Good sunscreen isn't cheap, yo.

For some, the only time sunscreen touches your skin is when you're out playing in the sun for long hours or at the pool. Not this ginger kid. That SPF 100 up there is part of my morning routine. Every morning I lather on sunscreen where my clothes don't cover. Luckily, Neutrogena makes some really light and oil-free sunscreen. It goes on so nicely on my skin and underneath my makeup without making me look shiny. So I guess the money is worth it to keep my Irish skin pale :]

I won't lie, there was a time that I longed for sun kissed, tan skin. I hated my pale skin and at times, I hated my red hair. It meant less time in the pool with friends and more time under an umbrella putting on sunscreen. I'd look at all the tan girls with envious eyes and just wasn't very happy in my my own skin. Literally and figuratively.

For a while I tried to forget I had pale skin and live like everyone else. Sometimes that meant spending money on bottles of sunless tanner, sometimes that meant skipping sunscreen because no one else had to put it on, why should I? Well, two years ago, ironically on St Patrick's Day, I got the scare of my life [thats a story for another time] Long story short, my Irish genes caught up with me.

Now, I look at my pale skin as a gift. I have a different outlook on life. Pale skin may mean long time spent lathering on sunscreen and less time out in the sun, but it also means less wrinkles later on in life and the perfect canvas for tattoos.

So for all my fair skinned friends out there, embrace that pale complexion. And go put on your sunscreen!

Your fellow ginger kid

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