Pinsperation | Anthro Zink Letters

I've been dying to make a few of these metal looking letters for the longest time. You can purchase a metal one from Anthropologie for $18 but for the same price you could make three of your own. I've seen a lot of people try this out and every time they look fantastic so I finally decided to try myself.

This is such an easy project. And cheap! All you need is a cardboard letter from your local craft store, black paint, metallic paint [you could even try gold!], a regular brush, and a sponge.

Directions: The black base gives the letter depth and a more realistic look, I think. Once you've painted the whole thing black and let it dry you just sponge paint the metallic paint all over. I added about 3 coats of the silver [I let it dry in between each coat] so it was thick but still had that textured look.

Overall, I'm super happy with the end result. It looks so cute on our DVD shelf. You might be wondering why I did an "A" for such a group/family space. A little narcissistic? Haha, well the A isn't actually for Allison. My soon-to-be last name [Mike's last name] starts with A :] Getting a little head start on married life!

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