[Sponsor Q+A] How do you stay organized?

When it comes to blogging, I'm sure we all have our difficulties when it comes to staying organized and on top of our weekly post. I know I do. For me, what works best is taking LOTS of photos throughout the week [whether they're with my DSLR or iPhone, a photo is a photo] so that when I have off weeks with nothing crafty to post about, at least I have photos to chat about. Doing something crafty? Take photos! You never know what might make a good DIY/craft post. At any given time I probably have at least two diy/craft projects in photos stashed on my computer. I may just not feel like posting about it at the time, but they are always good for those days when I sit there thinking "what should I blog about?".

Scheduling multiple posts in advance is also a major life saver. Since I'm still in school, it's nice to stock up several posts to get me through the week so I can focus on work and school rather than fret over the fact that I haven't posted in a few days. Now right now, I'm swamped. Even my weekends are crammed full of non-blog related things leaving me with little time to even schedule a post for that day. But once I graduate I am hoping to be a week ahead of myself at all times. Fingers crossed dudes.

This month, I asked my sponsors the same question... how do they stay organized? Victoria and Allison were kind enough to share their thoughts so I wanted to share! So get comfy, grab out your blog notebook, and study up!

Bramble Bird
I started blogging just over a year ago for a mixture of reasons, but mainly to motivate myself, to keep a record of all the projects I try and to connect with other people who were as passionate and excited about crafty stuff as I am... And it's really delivered on all of these things. But I had no real concept of how difficult it would be to keep momentum up and blog regularly, especially when working a full-time (and very involved) job. So over time, I've developed a few habits that seem to keep me on track.

First up, I have a blog notebook which I keep in my wallet to scribble down blog post ideas, project ideas and bits and pieces I spot on the web or in real life as I go along. This means when I come to sit down to write some posts or start a new project, I'm not starting with a blank piece of paper. I also try to keep a sketched out diary of which posts I'm going to write or schedule each week (this often falls by the wayside, but the intention is there!). And I often find it easier to write a few posts when I have some downtime at the weekend and then schedule them to go live through the week, which works really well for me as it takes the pressure off when I'm stuck in the middle of stressful work-week where all I want to do is collapse in front of the tv when I get home!

Most importantly, I don't beat myself up if I'm having a busy week and don't get to blog as often as I'd like. For me, blogging is supposed to be fun and I think the minute it starts feeling like a chore is the minute I should probably stop doing it!

Start Acting My Age
Honestly, I'm not all that organized in maintaining my blog! I don't have a schedule or calendar for posting. I find blogging much more enjoyable when I feel free to write about what I want, when I want. If I'm not feeling inspired to write about something, then I don't do it. I prefer quality content over a quantity of posts. When I am feeling inspired, I will write a few posts at a time and save a few for a time when I might be crazy busy. Luckily, I usually have more ideas in my head than I have time for, which keeps blogging fun and my readers coming back! Some advice I received from a fellow blogger is, "Write what you would write as if no one is reading!"

Thanks ladies! I hope their responses were helpful! If you'd like to be a sponsor of Crafted Love in April, I still have spots in all sizes [other than the featured ad] left! Email me to grab one or just snag one from my sponsorship store!

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