that time we decided to go camping for our honeymoon...

Yup. It's official. We've decided on our honeymoon. And just like our wedding, we're thinking small, fun... and adventure. We juggled ideas back and forth for what seemed like forever on what we should do for our honeymoon. At first, we planned on not having one, or just waiting until winter to go to a ski resort. Not only are we moving shortly after the wedding, I really don't care much for tropical places and hot, beating sun. I think redheads are genetically programmed to want to stay out of the sun. Well, while we were creating our registry we started putting camping items on the list. We love the outdoors but have always had to borrow friends' or family's camping stuff. Then that little light went off in our heads. Camping!

Since we are no longer getting married in our favorite little place, Yellow Springs, we decided it was the perfect place for our little mini honeymoon. John Bryan State Park is one of the prettiest parks in Western Ohio and you can't beat their prices [20 bucks a night? I'm camping for a month! :) ]

And you can't camp without some cute hiking boots...

I found this photo on pinterest and knew I had to find those Hunter boots. Super cute and they will keep my feet dry when we go tramping through streams and mud.

I'm already super excited about our wedding, but now I have something else to be excited for! now to try and remember all those camping recipes I used in co-ed boyscouts... Yeah, that's right... I was in a version of boyscouts :]

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