I was over on Danielle's blog the other day and fell in love with her "currently" post. So I'm doing one of my own. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a weekly wrap up type of post because its a great idea. Thanks Danielle!

Obsessing over: My wedding band. It's perfect! I can't show photos just yet [it'd spoil the wedding fun!] but I had it custom made to fit my oddly curved engagement ring. Did I mention it's 100% handmade and one of a kind from an indie biz on Etsy??? It just makes this little wedding of ours even more special knowing that I've supported handmade even down to the ring :]

Working on: Lots and lots of school projects. With only three weeks left, I'm up to my eye balls in final designs for studio and my other architecture classes. It's a little stressful but I just remember, "this too shall pass" and soon I'll be a college grad.

Thinking about: Getting our Save the Dates out on time... rather, not too terribly late. We managed to get half of them out a few weeks back but the other half have been sitting on my dresser collecting dust. I'd blame it on being busy with school, but I'm not a big fan of excuses so I just need to crack down and mail those puppies out!

Anticipating: My tax return! It's not a lot of money, really. But it's one I'd the first times I'm actually getting money back! I don't know why [shhhh I've never done my own taxes] but most of the time I owe back taxes. Major buzz kill. But this year I get money! I'm thinking a new swimsuit?

Listening to: Go Radio. Spoiler alert, but our first dance song is by Go Radio. And I may or may not have been playing that particular song on repeat several times this week.

Eating: Tons of fruit. Nature's candy, and my favorite things to snack on! Especially strawberries, yum.

Wishing: School would hurry up so I can start working on wedding crafts! I can't wait to start making decorations AND start designing my wedding dress! I think I've finally mastered zippers so all that's left is jumping in and getting started!

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