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1. Tell us a little about yourself and your blog
Hi!  I'm Ashley.  I'm the lady behind Mister G and Me, a creative blog filled with fun crafts, DIY tutorials, delicious recipes, and a little life thrown into the mix.  Aside from blogging, I'm a 27 year old yoga teacher, wife, and dog mama to my adorable pup Mister G.  I really try to keep my crazy dog-mom ways in check, but sometimes it's hard!  I love taking Mister G to the dog park, playing at the beach, crafting, thrifting, baking, and kayaking.


2. What are 5 words to describe yourself?
Creative, Thoughtful, Curious, Playful, Sensitive

3. What made you want to join the blogging community?
I didn't start blogging to join the blogging community.  In fact, I wasn't even aware there was a blogging community!  I just wanted to share what projects I was working on. Since then I've discovered there is a fantastic blogging community and have been overwhelmed with how sweet everyone is!

4. What are your favorite things to blog about? Any memorable posts?
My favorite Mister G and Me posts right now are Anthropologie Inspired DIYs. 

My favorite topics to blog about are craftsDIY projectsrecipesDIY Weddings, and my baby niece Ivy.

5. When you're not blogging, what are you doing?
Teaching and practicing yoga, kayaking, thrifting, baking, crafting, working on improving my photography...  I love to visit my local farm to get my fresh produce and say hi to my favorite little goat.  I love spending time with my husband and dog.  Almost every day I'm running my iPhone out of battery posting Instagram pictures, reading Tweets, and playing DrawSomething.  (My instagram name is mistergandme if you want to be friends!)

6. What inspires you?
I feel like I'm constantly being inspired!  Nature is a huge source of inspiration for me.  I love camping and hiking and seeing new plants I haven't seen before.  Window shopping is another big source of inspiration.  When I'm not looking to buy something-- suddenly everything pops out at me and the ideas start flowing!  I love leafing through cookbooks and magazines.  I don't have the attention span for reading-- but I love buying books!  I'm obsessed with Pinterest and find all sorts of inspiration there!  

7. If there was one piece of advice you could offer new bloggers out
there, what would it be?
Don't be afraid to reach out to other bloggers--big or small!  My experience in the blogging community has been 100% positive, friendly, welcoming, and encouraging.  It's so fun to make friends from around the world!

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I really have no idea what the future holds-- but I would still be writing Mister G and Me, have a baby or two running around, and have some serious photography skills under my belt.  

9. Favorite blog reads? (include links)
Obv Crafted Love!  

10. If you could only listen to one song on repeat, what would it be?
"Thinking About You" by Frank Ocean.

Giveaway Time!
Ashley is giving away a gorgeous pair of handmade earrings and a medium ad space to one lucky Crafted Love reader!  

To enter, please follow Ashley's blog, Mister G and Me.  (mandatory entry) And leave a comment with your email address.

For extra entries follow Mister G and Me on TwitterFacebookhellocotton, and Bloglovin. Leave a separate comment for each entry. 

The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced Friday, May 4th at 5:00P.M. Good luck!  (You must follow Crafted Love to enter the giveaway.)

Congrats Lynne! You are our winner!

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