help out my fur-ball friends!!!

Hi friends, Batman here. I've taken over this little blog today to ask you a favor. See, just three short months ago I was living in a nice place called SICSA, just waiting for the day some humans would fall in love with me and take me home. Lucky for me, on Friday the 13th, this rad redhead and cool skater dude came in and just couldn't resist my handsome face and chipped ear. I'm very happy in my new home, lounging on my Batman bed and watching birds in the window. But you see, my friends, there are lots of my fellow feline and canine friends that are still looking for homes while living over at SICSA and they need your help! 

They have been entered to win $100,000 from the ASPCA Rachel Ray challenge! The only way to win is through voting by giving your email [they won't spam you or anything], and you can vote EACH DAY until April 16th!

Now, we cats aren't allowed to have emails [sad day], but my mom and dad [said redhead and skater dude] have already voted today. Would you go vote too? If we win, we could use the money to train more nice humans to help out around the shelter. You know... brush our hair, scoop our poop, make us happy all day, and show us off at events so more people will adopt us. We need more people like that. I may be adopted already, but that nice place will always be near and dear to my furry heart. SICSA could also use the money for or vet checks and microchips! No more lost kitties or doggies!

Anyways, I digress. So what's in it for you? [other than knowing you've helped out a bunch of fur-balls like myself...] My mom is offering 30% sponsorship for May to anyone who votes. Yep, that's right. So go vote! Email mom at info[AT] with a screenshot of your entry and you'll get your 30% off. But wait! If you vote everyday until April 16th [just show a screenshot of each entry] she's giving away a free large spot for the month of May! That's a $30 value! But you have to start voting today! Seriously dudes, go vote!

[don't forget to take screenshots of your entries and make sure to confirm your email the first time]

love always,
The Bat

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