how I made my bachelorette veil...

This past weekend Kayla, my Maid of Honor, decided to throw me a bachelorette party so that my friends from school could join before we all graduate and go our seperate ways. Kayla and I live really close actually, but some of my friends live as far as Chicago. So I was glad to have a chance to celebrate with them. Later this summer I will have a more low key one with my bridesmaids :]

Anywhooo, I asked on Twitter where I could find one of those party veils and got a bunch of responses back. After a few though, I realized how dumb I was to even ask where I could buy one... DIY it! I already had all the supplies except for the lace, which I bought with a gift card I have for JoAnn Fabrics. Score.

I purchased a half yard of this lace with a cool pattern and it actualy turned out to be too much. I'd say, for a veil that hits the back of your neck, you'd only need 1/4 a yard. But I cut three pieces so my veil had a tiered look to it. You can see the various layers where the dotted lines are.

I just sewed the lace up until it was all attached to the hair comb. Tie off the thread and start a new one for adding the pearls.

Ta-da! Just throw it in your hair and you have an inexpensive party veil for your night out on the town! I made this last minute so I didn't even think to take a picture of me wearing it. And by the time we were getting ready to head out, I was so focused on remembering all my bachelorette accessories, I forgot to take a picture then too. But, Batman did model it off for me... take a look...

I die from the cuteness

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