meet Talia...

***A free large ad to the first person to figure out why her name is Talia***

It wasn't too long ago that we had a post entitled "meet Batman..." Well, even though we play with Batman constantly when we are home, I thought he would love to have a little brother or sister to play with while we are at work or sleeping. Mike wasn't too sold on the idea at first so he slyly [or so he thought] told me if I happened to find someone giving away free kittens then I could take one. Let's be honest, Mike thought there was no way I'd find kittens any time soon. Kitten season isn't until midsummer and by then I'd be focused on wedding plans. Well he made this promise about a week ago... and yesterday we picked up Talia. I think I won that battle ;-)

A friend of a friend had taken in their neighbor's cat when they had to move away. What he didn't realize was that the cat was pregnant with four kittens. Mike and I took the last of the litter. He told us she was a girl but I knew it was about a 20/80 shot she was actually a girl and at such a young age [only 6 weeks] I figured it was fairly possible the kitten was a male and they just mistook her for a girl. But, we just got back from the vet and she IS a she!

She is absolutely adorable and sleeps a LOT. The first night was a little tiresome because Batman wasn't sure how to react to a little fur ball hissing at him constantly. The whole night consisted of Talia hissing herself hoarse, and Batman making low confused belly growls trying to figure out if this kitten's mom was going to come ripping around the corner to attack. But after not even 24 hours, Batman and Talia are sleeping next to one another and only hissing every now and then. We are one happy family.

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