ok, I'm obsessed...

When it comes to staying on top of what's trendy, I'm certainly not the best. I always seem to be late to the party. So when I saw a poster for a movie called "The Hunger Games" I wasn't sure why everyone was going crazy. And who the crap was this Peeta guy? "I'm Peeta and I know it?" What was wrong with the world? Alright Hunger Games fans, you win. I'm officially obsessed. 

To get the full effect of this story we must back track several years... 2008... I'm perusing the internet and kept seeing all these dumb .gifs about someone named Edward Cullen. Who apparently has shiny skin. Seriously? Shiny skin? I have no clue what in the world all the craze is over this Edward guy. Then, I'm sitting in the theater and a preview comes on. And what do ya know, it's Edward Cullen on the screen. After a little Googling, and I find out about the Twilight Saga. Well, you know me, I'll see any movie so eventually I was planning to see this "Twilight" to see what all the hype was about. But first, I thought I'd read the books. Because if there's one thing I love almost as much as movies, it's getting lost in books. And let me tell you... when I get lost, I get LOST.

I picked up the first Twilight book and had it read within 24 hours. I went out to get the second one just as my family and I were leaving for a weekend trip to Chicago. Now, I get severely carsick when I read while in a car. Something about focusing on the pages while the world moves quickly past me makes me want to curl up and die. But I wasn't going to let that ruin my new obsession with this Edward-Bella love fest. I actually managed to tape up the windows of the back seat in our car in such a manner that blocked my view of the passing world. Epic. That's how wrapped up in books I get. Better yet, I managed to finish the book before we got to Chicago and before I even unpacked, I was running across Michigan Avenue to get the next book from Borders. Why I didn't just buy all four at once, I'll never know. But this certainly makes the story more entertaining. Anyways, the gist of the story is that when I get entangled with a book, it's hard to get me to do anything but read. But, sadly, the movies [coupled with annoying 13 year old girls] ruined the books for me. So you can imagine how I might feel about starting a new book to movie series.

back to present day

This past weekend my dad gave me his Kindle because he got a new shiny Kindle Fire for his birthday. My mom had all three Hunger Games books already loaded in it so I thought, what the heck, it's free. My mom warned me to wait until after graduation to start reading them. I figured I'd be fine if I just used my relaxing time to read and that's it. There's no way a book could be THAT good. There, I made a huge mistake. See, I haven't actually read a book for pleasure since high school. Well, since Twilight really. So I had forgotten the effect books have on me. I could not put it down. 

I quickly found myself entangled in the Peeta-Katniss-Gale love triangle and dying to figure out what comes next. I'd catch myself saying "I'll stop after this chapter" and then unable to actually follow through. Having a Kindle also made it way too easy to carry my obsession around with me. I had turned into my old nerdy bookworm self. Tripping over my own feet while I read walking to class, sneaking my Kindle out to read while my teacher paused, staying up till the wee hours of the morning because I just couldn't bare to turn it off.

I finished the first book within a day and loved it so much I pulled out my phone, looked up my local theater times and took myself on a date to see the movie. That was the first time I've ever done something by myself like that. And it was all because of this series. I'm obsessed. Now I'm the one flipping through the internet looking at Hunger Games .gifs

The tables have turned, the tables have turned.

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