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After much searching around and researching, Mike and I finally landed on our new bikes to replace the ones we've rode into their graves [sadface] At first, we planned on going with Trek, which is a great company. But I really didn't want another bulky bike like my previous ride. We'll be keeping our bikes in our apartment here in Ohio, as well as Minneapolis. And while we live pretty much on ground level here in Dayton, who knows how many flights of stairs we'll need to climb to get home in Minnesota. So the idea of dragging a 40 pound bike up three flights of stairs just didn't sit well with me, plus I love the look of a sleek and slim bicycle.

Finally, we decided we both wanted single speed bikes, possibly even fixed gear. After reading reviews we stumbled upon Republic Bike. Not to be confused with Public Bike [which many of you might recall is the bike Elsie rides], Republic Bike has single speeds that actually have flip-flop hubs that allow you to choose whether you'd like to ride fixed-gear or free-wheel all with a simple "flip-flop" of your back wheel. We were in love with the versatility. Even better? You can fully customize your bike from scratch at a really affordable price! So I just wanted to show off the designs we decided on! 

[photos via republic bike, photoshopped by me]

They have a 3D bike shop which allows you to change up colors and get a feel of what it will look like. Then I perused through their customer gallery and found a bike with the same frame color and photoshopped our colors onto the photo. I even added a basket to mine to see what it would look like :] I love the vintage feel of it with the random burst of teal. I am so excited for this bike.

[photos via republic bike, photoshopped by me] 

Mike told me he wanted a black bike with pops of green. I decided to confine the green accent to the back of the bike with a rear green rim and green chain. I love how sleek it looks. It's hard to believe it's the exact same bike as mine, just different colors.

We'll be ordering these sometime this Summer so we can take advantage of the new bike path near our neighborhood that spans over 30 miles. I cannot wait! So, what do you think of our bikes???

***Republic Bike did not sponsor this post. I simply wanted to share about a company that I am passionate about as well as show off our totally rad designs :] ***

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