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Hi guys! I'm nearing my graduation date and final step towards freedom! I've been getting really excited with where Crafted Love will go in the next few months after I graduate from college. I think  the first step to branching out with Crafted Love as more of a handmade/bloggy business is to make a step towards it being a team. Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, no, I didn't technically "hire" anyone. But my lovely fiance, Mike, has graciously offered up his organizational and marketing skills to further my dream of owning an indie biz.

Not much will be changing, but Mike will be taking over some of the incoming emails and requests that I get from day to day as well as helping out with other things. In doing so, I can focus on the more "fun" things like coming up with awesome DIYs and crafts for you guys to try out ;-) 

While Mike will be taking care of the more businessy side of things, I want you guys to have the ability to contact me directly still, so we've started up another email just for my use. So, if you have general questions about guest posting, sponsor info, giveaways, etc., you can still email info[AT]craftedlove.com and receive an answer from either Mike or me. But, if you're looking to get a hold of me specifically, you can now email me at allison[AT]craftedlove.com

We've updated the contact page with the new information if you want to go check it out... but just for kicks and giggles I plopped the info right here too :) Also, in honor of my approaching graduation this Saturday, I've updated my About Me section to display more "post-grad" info! Woot! Go check it out!

What's nice about this is it actually kills two birds with one stone. I've been toying with the idea of what to do with my personal email when I take on Mike's last name after the wedding. See, my current personal email uses my maiden name and I wasn't sure if I wanted to create a new one using my married name. But I also didn't feel comfortable using an email starting with "info" as my personal email. Adding this new email solves that! 

So send me a little hello at my new address to celebrate! My inbox is looking a little sparse! Plus, I love getting to know you guys more!

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