birthday celebrations...

On my birthday, Mike asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. 22 didn't seem like a very big birthday, especially following up graduation. But he insisted we celebrate some how. So what did I decided? Prepare yourselves...

My Nana bought me a new tent for my bday/grad present so I told Mike I wanted to eat chinese food while watching a new movie in the new tent... in the middle of the living room :)

So while I was at work [because adults work on their birthdays], Mike put up the tent... which literally took up the WHOLE living room. Then on his way home from his job, he picked up a few Redbox movies and some yummy Chinese. We lounged all night and watched Haywire [which was kind of crappy by the way] and at some delicious Mandarin Chicken. I was a happy birthday girl.

Happy Mother's Day to any Mommies out there in the blogosphere! Today after work I'll be going over to celebrate with my family. Do you have anything fun planned?

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