Day in the Life with Dianapantz

Diana is a vegan lifestyle blogger who runs her own sustainable accessories shop, both under the name dianapantz. Last month, she released her first vegan e-cookbook called "The 3-Day a Week Vegan". Diana is a one-a-week nanny, but for the most part, dianapantz is her full time job. When she isn't running her indie business you can find her blogging, sewing, knitting, creating new ideas, and guestposting for a few online publications. Being self-employed, no day is the same. This day in particular was spent running errands, baking for blog recipes, and getting a good workout. Let's check out a day in the life of Diana!

7:00am - Rise and shine! 
I wake up, make the bed, check the weather, then hop into the shower.

9:00am - To-Do List
I write out my "top 10+" things I have to get done and double check my previous to-do lists.

10:00am - Email
While answering emails, cleaning out my inbox, and sending snail mail, we get a big morning thunderstorm with high winds and tons of rain. 

2:00pm - Blogging
After the rain passes, I head out on a 25 mile bike ride to clear my head and train for our 500 mile bike ride this summer. Once I return I snack on cereal with almond milk and schedule blog posts for a few hours.

4:00pm - Snacktime!
I make a smoothie while taking a ten minute blogging break. One of my goals is to make a smoothie every day for the entire month.

8:00pm - Spa Time
I touch up my nails with my new favorite [vegan] nail polish.

10:00pm - Wind Down
After a long day I brush, floss, wash my face, and read in bed for 20-40 minutes. Blake and I talk about things we are grateful for and I fall asleep around 11:15ish.

Thanks for letting us take a peek into your day to day, Diana! If you'd like to learn more about Diana and her daily life, you can go say Hi on her blog!

Would you like to show off a day in your life? Email me at info[at] to join in on the fun!

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