Day in the Life with... Me! [a new blog series!]

To kick-start this new Day in the Life series, I figured what better way than to start with yours truly; me! You already know a lot about me, but do you know what an average day in my life is like? No? Well let me tell you! As a recent graduate, my life has changed a lot. Where I was previously spending my days working on school projects and [pretending to] study for exams, I now find myself with more time to spend on my indie biz and blog. So as another way to celebrate graduation, here's a day in my life now that I'm no longer a student...

6:00am - Wake Up Sleepyhead!
Yep, that's no typo. The majority of my mornings start at 6:00am now that I'm back working at my hometown job. 5:00am even on some days depending on my duty that day. I've gotten used to waking up early and it no longer even bothers me. So I jump up, grab some breakfast and catch up on blogs before having to get ready to go.

8:00am - Email
While on a 15 minute break at work, I check my email and reply to you lovely readers out there who take the time to say Hi :] Sometimes, I spoil myself with a yummy donut and milk. Delish.

12:00pm - Fruits & Veggies
If you recall, I work at a gourmet grocery store [where Mike and I met] in the Produce Department. I make good money while we are waiting to move up to Minneapolis and to be honest, I love it. I cut and prep produce all day and sometimes even get to experiment with "designing" new products. I even have a salad named after me!

4:00pm - Move that Butt!
Off work, now to work up a sweat at the gym next door to where I work. At first, I dread working out after a long day on my feet. But the minute I get my heart pumping all the stress from the day washes away and my achy back and feet feel much better.

6:00pm - Yummy in my Tummy
I have had the amazing luck of finding a guy who loves to cook, and is excellent at it, I might add. Some nights we just have pasta or take out, but most of the time Mike whips up a simple, yet delicious meal for us both.

7:00pm - Blawgy Blawg Blawg
After dinner, Mike usually watches some tv, reads, or plays some Xbox live while I schedule some blog posts. I very rarely ever publish a post right after typing it up. Most of the time I schedule it for the next morning [ever notice how all my posts go live right at 8:00am?] or for a few days later if I have several scheduled. I write down some ideas and the next day's to-do list in the notebook I keep with me at all times, and probably spend a little too much time on Pinterest :]

8:00pm - Sew Cute.
Most nights I spend a little time adding products to my inventory so I can launch my new shop section soon [get excited] Sometimes I just sew something fun like a toiletry travel wrap or a sewing machine cover so that I don't get too bored with one thing. But my sewing machine definitely gets a workout every night.

10:30pm - Sleepytown
It may seem early for some people but around this time, if I'm not tired I try to force myself to wind down and get into relax mode so I'm well rested for my next early morning. I sometimes read on our Kindle, but that's sometimes not a good idea if it's a particularly gripping book like, say, Hunger Games ;]

Well, that's a typical day in my life. What's a day like in yours? If you'd like to show off your day-to-day in a Day in the Life post, email me at allison[AT] so we can chat! Next week we have my pal, Diana, dropping by to show off a day in her life!

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