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1. Tell us a little about yourself and your art. 

Hi guys! I'm a New Orleanian transplant living in the fair southern city of Savannah, getting my Masters Degree in Sequential Art. At SCAD, Sequential Art means comics, children's books, and storyboards, and I do the first two with a smattering of illustration. I specialize in traditional techniques, including marker and watercolor rendering. I love taking commissions as it gives me an opportunity to practice my skill, expand my audience, and delight others with custom art. I go to great lengths to capture likeness in a fun and appealing way, and work hard to please my customers. General link to portfolio section on my blog: http://nattosoup.blogspot.com/p/portfolio.html

2. What are 5 words to describe yourself? 

Hardworking, Dedicated, Shy, Humble, Driven 

3. What made you decide to start drawing comics? 

I've always been a storyteller, and for awhile, I expressed myself through poetry. Like most kids, I drew, but it wasn't anything serious, and I certainly wasn't interested in comics as a kid. Back then, comics meant men in tights to me, and I wasn't into those sorts of stories. I wanted to tell every day stories about every day people, and it wasn't until I discovered manga that I realized that comics can be used to tell ANY kind of story. I did comics all through high school for fun, and decided that I wanted to pursue it as a career after watching Howl's Moving Castle. Studio Ghibli has a way of evoking emotions in the viewer that few movies can, and does so utilizing beautiful 2D art, and I wanted to do that myself. I feel like stories are a gift from the creator to the audience, and that the real goal of storytelling is to tell the truth. Even if the work is nonfiction, it should have accurate reflections of the human condition, otherwise the audience will be alienated. 

4. What are your favorite things to draw? 

Oh gee. I love drawing pretty girls. I also like drawing kids. And drawing from life. And figure drawing. 

5. When you're not blogging or sketching, what are you doing? 

When am I not sketching? Kidding. I like video games, although I can't play them myself anymore because my eyesight's gotten so bad. So I like watching OTHER people play videogames. I also watch a lot of Netflix, although that's mostly while I'm working. I enjoy cooking and walking my cat, Bow, as well. 

6. What inspires you?

Everything. Street fashion, ridiculous drama, kids' problems, the internet at large, my recent trip to Japan

7. If there was one piece of advice you could offer other indie biz owners out there, what would it be? 

Don't let others walk all over you. Don't let them decide for you whether or not your business is a hobby or serious. That is up to you, and you alone. Take your business seriously, and don't let others take advantage of you. 

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Hopefully published (either self, web, or through Oni or :01), married, drawing comics full time, possibly teaching elementary school art. 

9. Favorite blog reads or websites?

Art: My buddy Heidi has recently started a new long term project, a watercolor comic called "Dealing with Trolls", that I think y'all should check out. I'm still gunning to join this group, but they are pretty selective and fill up fast. I can't spend all my time and money testing and reviewing comic tools, so I enjoy reading Comic Tools.

Fashion/Lifestyle: I'm still a pretty big fan of Delightfully Tacky. She's super adorable. I actually draw a lot of inspiration from the manga of yesterday, so http://classicshoujo.tumblr.com is a fantastic resource for me. 

10. If you could be one superhero for a day, who would it be? 

The super comic book artist who finishes all her work lightening fast. Wait..that..doesn't...exist yet. Uh. Catwoman. I was her in kindergarten for Halloween, and she's still been a favorite. 

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