goodbye... for now

I'll be honest... I had higher hopes of what post graduation would feel like. I guess I thought I would be able to focus more on my blog and handmade dream but lately I've been feeling rather stretched thin. I am working 36-40 hours a week at a job where I'm always on my feet. Sometimes standing in one position for hours. It's actually less tiring to be moving all day long, have you noticed that? In fact, the past two weeks I have been scheduled 6 out of the 7 days of the week and worked those six days in a row with no days off. I need the money, so I try not to complain but by the time I get home every day, my back, feet, and neck are killing me. The last thing I want to do is sit at my sewing machine for hours or come up with interesting blog posts.

Last week while working I realized I haven't had a break since starting my senior year of college. During every holiday break... Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, I have come home to work at DLM. In fact, the very next day after my last day of classes I was working. I worked all through exam week had have yet to stop and take a break, let alone let the fact that I'm a graduate sink in.

So, I'm taking a much needed break. From everything. From work, from blogging, from handmade craziness, from technology... from everything. Mike and I are packing up our things and going on vacation for Memorial Day weekend. This will be the first Memorial Day weekend I've had off in over 6 years. It's really depressing when you think about it. But that's life when you work in retail.

Where are we going? What are we doing? Well we're headed up to Yellow Springs to John Bryan State Park to camp for three nights. I'm very excited. Mostly to just unplug from technology completely [well expect for a camera] and just relax for once. I'm not going to stress about blogging, I'm not going to stress about getting orders done or new products made, I'm not going to stress about work, I'm just not going to stress. 

So as of today, I'm unplugging from the technology world. We don't leave until Friday after work so I'll be around the Twitterverse until then but consider this goodbye... at least for the next 5 days :]

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