procrastination... a sort-of DIY

My poor sewing machine has been feeling a little naked ever since I got her. She came with a cover but like all factory-made things, it just wasn't cute. So I threw it away. Well two Christmases ago my mom got me a bunch of crafting stuff. Among the loot was a pack of those little quilting squares by Half Moon Modern. They sat in my crafting closet for a full year before I got them out. I actually forgot I had them. I decided to make a cute little cover for my sewing machine with them.

I began by patching them together into three panels, the top, and two sides. I made them big enough to cover each side with sewing allowance. After about an hour I was finished with the panels... that was 6 months ago. 

All hope of this being a DIY post kind of went out the window with my motivation to finish the project. The fabric sat folded in my craft closet and collected dust. I have no clue why I kept putting this project off because it was something I was really excited about. Nevertheless, it took half a year to finish and a YEAR AND A HALF to even use the fabric [Sorry Mom lol]

Even though this never made it to the DIY section of my to-do list, I'll walk through the very easy process to actually make a cover. Don't have the patience to do patchwork? Use two coordinating color fabrics for a cool color block effect.

I sewed the three panels together to make one long strip that covered the sewing machine but left the sides open. Then cut two pieces of black fabric for the sides. Hem up the base of all the fabric. I chose to use a zigzag stitch for a nice effect. When it came to sewing the black piece in, I started at the bottom and pinned the two fabrics right-sides together. Then kept sewing all the way until the panel was sewn in place. Just make sure to sew with the good sides of the fabric facing each other.

I am so glad I finally finished this project. It makes my work station look even cuter! The fabric is absolutely adorable too.

Other than this little beauty, we've been making some big changes to my crafting space and I can't wait to show it off. But I didn't want to blog about it until I made this sewing machine cover.I've also got a new blog series planned that will start very soon! So much going on! Being a post-grad is pretty awesome so far :]

P.S. I announced the winner of the earring giveaway over on my featured sponsor post! Congrats Lynne!

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