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[even if you know all about Passionfruit, you'll really want to read to the end of this post, hint hint]

I'm sure you've heard all the hype about Passionfruit Ads. I'll be honest, at first I was skeptical. I didn't see the benefit of having someone else deal with sponsorship. But then I started to do more research on the company and realized it would greatly benefit Crafted Love and my sponsors individually. By leaving the tedious work up to someone else, I am able to spend more time focusing on how to promote my sponsors and creating great content for Crafted Love.

As of today, purchasing an ad is super easy and it can be up running instantly now using Passionfruit. This way of organizing sponsors still allows me to contact you the sponsor, and discuss any plans for getting word out on a sale, or special event, coupon code, blog series, new line/product, etc. Passionfruit will not lessen communication between me and my sponsors by any means.

All ads are still paid for via PayPal, however, everything goes through Passionfruit, so I don't need to send PayPal requests and e-mail back and forth. It's fast, and simple! Ads will run for 30 days each rather than from the beginning of a month to the end. This is actually more fair, in that you February sponsors aren't jipped out of two days ;) There will only be a limited number of ads up at a time but you can purchase your spot whenever you would like. The minute an opening comes up and your ad has been approved, your ad will be inserted into my sidebar immediately by Passionfruit! All medium and large sponsors will still be included in a group feature post that will be posted on the third Monday of each month. If you get me your info by the Friday before, you are guaranteed a spot in that month's sponsor feature. Otherwise, your bio will be included in the next month's post.

If you would rather e-mail me about sponsoring, by all means you still can! Passionfruit is just the main way I will be working with ads. With Passionfruit, I am also able to manually add sponsors and their ads. If you would like to discuss sponsorship & work together to promote your blog/shop in greater detail, then e-mail me at info[AT]craftedlove.com.  I would love to have you!

If you're interested in having a spot on Crafted Love, now is a great time to give it a try.  Head on over to my Sponsor Info Page and click 'BUY' before they fill up.

In celebration of this new change, I thought I'd add a new feature... FREE ADS. Yep, you heard right... I want to give back to all you fabulous supporters out there by offering a select group of ads completely free for a limited time. Free ads will run for 7 days at which point the next person in line will have their ad up. The ads are technically listed at $5 but when you use the code FREEBIE at the register, you will not be charged for the ad. How sweet it that!? Free sponsorship is a great way for newbie sponsors to test the waters before jumping in head first.

If you have any questions about sponsoring on Crafted Love or Passionfruit itself, feel free to email me! 

Please note:  
  • The free ad deal will be in somewhat of a tester phase. Any abuse of the deal ["purchasing" multiple free spaces, etc] will result in the deal being revoked for everyone. Please be respectful and let everyone enjoy this new fun deal. 
  • The free ad design that normally comes with sponsorship, however, will not be offered for free sponsorship.
  • Though the site says ads will go up May 31st, I will not approve them until the first of June.

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