ya either get started livin', or ya get started dyin'

...I choose living

I was looking longingly at my 24 before 25 list the other day and realized that some of those things just aren't going to happen in the next 3 years. While I still want to accomplish things like "getting off the continent", I know I don't have the funds now, and there are more important and pressing things that Mike and I will focus on in the coming three years. So instead of getting bummed out about it, I've decided to create a life list. A bigger, better, and way cooler list.

Let's be clear, this isn't a bucket list. I'm not counting down to my demise... I'm just starting to live. In this list you'll find big goals, you'll find small goals, and you'll probably find goofy ones as well. There are things on the list that I have actually done but failed to document... well, it looks like I'll just have to do those things again :] I'm certain things wills change and be added on to this list but for now, I've got a pretty good start. 


  • live in a big city for at least a year
  • host [and cook!] a Thanksgiving dinner
  • get off the continent
  • help build a home for charity
  • host a bridal/baby shower
  • go to Disney World with Mike before kids
  • go to another rock concert
  • build a sand castle
  • get a pedicure and NOT kick the person in the face
  • go skydiving
  • win a costume contest
  • take a tour on a segway
  • be completely debt free
  • take an extended trip in an airstream
  • run a 5K
  • pay for the person behind me in line
  • send a secret to Post Secret
  • camp in the dead of winter
  • ice skate on a pond/lake/river
  • sail on a sailboat
  • visit all the Man vs. Food food joints [an convince Mike try an eating contest in at least one]

  • take the Chicago Architecture River Cruise [again] with Mike
  • cross the Golden Gate Bridge
  • cross the Canadian border, eh
  • look out over Paris from the Eiffel Tower
  • cross the Brooklyn Bridge
  • visit the Robie House, Fallingwater, and Frank's home/studio
  • step out on the ledge of the Willis Tower Skydeck
  • have a cheesy photo taken holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • visit all 50 states
  • hike through Denali National Park
  • stand at the top of a mountain
  • all-you-can-eat crab in the Chesapeake 

  • visit the state fair
  • give only handmade gifts for a year
  • cook every meal in a cookbook
  • go vegan for a week
  • get another tattoo
  • start my crafty quarter sleeve 
  • paint a [very] large canvas
  • take a random roadtrip to another state
  • buy a good-quality bike
  • buy an airstream trailer

  • have a cute and simple wedding
  • start a new tradition
  • adopt a cat.... [or two]
  • adopt a dog
  • create a "yearbook" each year
  • have a baby
  • completely surprise the kiddo[s] with a trip to Disney
  • family bike ride
  • plant a tree for each baby
  • celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary

  • buy a fixer-up house and make it beautiful
  • have a pretty and green yard
  • raise chickens
  • grow 25% of our own food
  • have $10,000 in savings
  • have my studio featured in a magazine

  • find mine
  • wear accessories regularly
  • hand make/alter 50% of my wardrobe
  • sew a dress for myself

  • re-learn the piano
  • teach Mike how to play guitar/piano
  • learn boxing and self defense
  • take ballroom dance classes
  • take an advanced photography class
  • teach myself to bartend
  • take a pottery class and learn how to spin clay

  • be a vendor at a major craft fair
  • have my blog featured in a magazine
  • create a wicked awesome portfolio website
  • become a successful freelance graphic designer

what would be on your life list?

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