check out our wedding invites!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was/am to show off the wedding invite suite I've been working so hard on lately! I wanted to wait until I knew most people had probably received their invites in the mail before I posted about it on here. Well, the time has come!

I have poured and poured over these invites for month trying to make sure they were exactly what we wanted for our wedding. I wanted our picnicy/outdoorsy/rustic theme to show through the design and presentation and after many scrapped ideas and designs, I finally designed something we adore!

Two different main invite cards went out to two separate groups. Our immediate family and wedding party received stationery that invited them to our private ceremony while the rest of the crew got an invite that said "Following a private ceremony...". The other insert cards were the same for everyone.

I wanted to do something fun for the RSVP instead of the traditional "yes" or "no". Not only is our wedding very nontraditional, but we had no need for a space where people tell you what entree they would like at the reception. So I decided to go the Mad Libs route :) I'm anxious to see what funny and cute responses we get back.

While the wedding is being held at my parents' house, that still leaves one whole side of the wedding that might not know where to go, so of course I wanted to include a directions card. Keeping with the hand-drawn,  sketchy motif of the invites I went with some fun dotted lines to spruce up what normally can be rather boring.

Since we can't possibly stuff all the information we would like into an envelope, I created a wedding website for info about registries, what to wear, music requests, and to introduce our wedding party a bit. You can check it out here if you'd like! Although I'd love to have everyone there, viewing the website does not count as an invite wedding :]

Mike and I watched some Game of Thrones while we assembly lined putting the invites together. It went fairly quickly which was surprising since I always thought the design part would fly by and the manual labor would drag on :]

Because of the twine bow [which I refused to not do] the invites had to be hand fed and stamped at the post office. So we ended up paying $0.20 extra for each envelope but if you ask me, it was way worth it. Invites are the first impression people get about your wedding! I wanted it to be a good one!

We juggle the idea of having the address label be a tag that was looped through the twine on the front or the route we actually went. I think we chose the best option because I would worry the tag would rotate and cause confusion in the mailing process. Plus, with the seamless address and return sticker, I think it kept the look more simplistic. Thank goodness for pretty wedding stamps, I would have died if we had to have a liberty bell or flag stamp up in the corner of every invite. Have you figured out yet that I'm very anal about my designs???

Over all, I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. The invites survived beautifully in the mail [I think hand fed/stamping is the way to go] and so far, everyone loves them. I know I do! I must say, I really enjoy designing wedding stationery!

We recently booked our honeymoon at the Poconos Cove Haven Resort, and soon I will be starting my dress! Things are really starting to sink in! Less than two months to go guys!

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