Day in the Life with Cassie

Cassie is a 25 year old that truly loves life. She always tries to be a glass-half-full kind of person and finds the silver lining as much as possible. With a busy life like most people, she thinks it's important to find happiness in the small and big things! She is always grateful for family, friends, her boyfriend, and her faith. With an 8-to-5 job [that she loves!] she sometimes finds it hard to balance work and play. Her blog is her favorite way to show people her true self as well as a way to create memories. Living on Cloud Nine is more of a lifestyle than a blog and she is so thankful for it.

7:40 AM - Rise and shine!
After snoozing a few times I finally get out of bed and make a green smoothie and enjoy some quiet time with the Lord (if I don’t over sleep… oops) before I rush around and get ready for my day. Before I walk out the door I grab my coffee, purse and yoga bag. My ride to work is usually my favorite part of every morning thanks to some wonderful music. The tunes are different every morning but my routine is always the same.

12:00 PM - Break for lunch!
Lunch breaks are usually spent at my desk while I work and eat but sometimes I get to spend an hour with someone special and have a lunch date. My mom, a friend and sometimes if I’m lucky, my boyfriend if he is in town. On this day I had lunch with my sweet Mom!


6:15 PM - Hot Yoga
After leaving work around 5 I drive to my favorite place. 90 Degrees, a Hot Yoga Studio that has changed my life. If my schedule allowed it I would go every single day! After an hour of sweating and stretching I feel like a new person!

8:00 PM - Couch Time
Once I’m finished with a cold shower I relax on the couch while I let my hair air dry. This time is usually spent watching a TV show and catching up on my favorite blogs [Crafted Love being one of them] then writing a little on my own for my posts for that week.

10:00 PM - Chit Chat
Since the boyfriend has been working away from home for the past few months I look forward to our nightly phone calls and thank God for FaceTime! As I crawl in bed for the night we catch up on our day and end the call with a prayer together… I love it and it makes a long distance relationship a little easier. Thankfully he is home most weekends!


11:00 PM - Bedtime
After the phone call I relax by reading a bible study and journaling before I’m ready to fall asleep. I may or may not scroll through Instagram [follow me @caslee] and play Words with Friends for a few minutes as well. ;)

Thanks for letting us take a peek into your day to day, Cassie! If you'd like to learn more about Cassie and her daily life, you can go say Hi on her blog!
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