DIY | Faux Enamel Heart Vases

This contributor post comes from Erika over at Sausage Jar, a place full off DIYs, her recent findings, and things that inspire her throughout the day.

To get started, first you'll need to gather your supplies!

Small Jars, Exacto/Stationary Knife, Spray Paint, Spray Paint Primer, Sandpaper, Strong Glue, White air drying modeling clay

You should start by making little clay hearts. To do that, you'll have to roll the clay 4-5mm thick. Cut out a heart shaped figure with the stationary knife. Don't worry about the perfectly shaped edges. We will deal with that later. 

When you have all the hearts you need, place them on the jar, so they would repeat it's curves and let the heart shapes dry. When they are completely dry, you can polish the edges with the sandpaper. When the hearts are all pretty and you are happy with the result, glue them to the jar. 

When the heart shapes are holding strongly, you can now apply spray paint primer on the jars. It is better to apply several layers, but don't forget to let each layer dry according to the manufacturer instructions. I have covered the working area with the newspaper and used it to hold the jars while spray painting them. When you are finished with the primer, you can apply the color paint. Several layers again as well. Let it dry and you're done! 

To see more of Erika's DIYs or to learn more about her, check out her blog!

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