[giveaway] need something designed?

Hello! If you're wondering what in the world is displayed on that b-e-a-utiful Mac screen up there, well friends, that'd be my new [temporary] portfolio website. Why am I not linking you up so you can snoop around? It's because I'm obsessive about things like this and you see that empty spot right there? I need to fill it.

Of course, I have many other projects I could fill it with but I want this portfolio page to be filled with my favorite designs. Which is where you come in. I would like to giveaway a small design project. How can you win? This won't be a typical giveaway. There will be no random.org or blind drawings for a winner. I will be the one choosing the winner. So here's how you can "enter"...

Just leave a comment telling me what project you would like me to design [business cards, wedding invites, logo design, posters, etc] Due to my approaching wedding, however, I will not be accepting any full blog makeovers. Along with the project you'd like designed, please briefly explain what you're looking for style and color-wise.

I will pick a winner sometime next week [let's say Friday the 22nd] and get started! Then I will launch my portfolio site with a big bang by showcasing you and your design! Sound fun? Contest, commence!

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