if you build it, they will come...

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My hometown is implementing bike lanes onto our major roads! I am sooooo excited! While I won't be living here long term, it's just proof that all cities need to do is take the initiative to put in bike lanes and paths and they will get used! While I, myself haven't been able to take advantage of them [I still need a new bike] I've seen countless people on them these past weeks after they got put in. I just hope drivers will be careful in these first few months with right turns, as the lanes share with the turn lanes.

Way back in 2009 our town actually created a "Bike Friendly Community Action Plan" which includes adding lanes, creating a committee, adding bike signs, adding bike racks, and creating a bike map for the community. We already have access to the 36+ mile bike path that stretches from Cincinnati to North Dayton. I see bright things in Ohio's future!

Bike friendly cities of America, you might have some competition soon!

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