Talia is as cute as ever. Batman and she are spoiled and drink water from the bathroom sink, no big deal. She has recently found a new play toy... toilet paper. Needless to say, we weren't very happy. It's a good thing she's adorable. Still working at Dorothy Lane. I've been making some pretty cool watermelon baskets with all the Summer holidays. My newest creation is a watermelon shark. Be jealous :] Mike and I have had two of our three bridal showers already. We have lots of new nice things for our apartment now. I'll have to do a sneak peek post and show off some of our apartment! It's so crazy to think we only have a little over a month left! SO much to do still! I finally received my diploma! It's super schnazzy and proof of the hectic four years I went though. Now for job searching!
What's new with you???

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