that time a parrot crashed my bridal shower...

This past weekend my lovely Aunt threw me my first bridal shower. It was such a fun time and she did a great job with all the food, decor, and favors. And she pretty much did it all on her own. It was a brunch event so all of our food  was breakfast/brunch themed. Muffins, eggs, quiche, and fruit galore. Don't you love the fruit kabob display? I won't lie, I probably ate 5 or more of those guys.

Part of the decor was actually our individual favors which were little tiny succulent plants in votive jars. I scooped up four at the end of the part so I can add them to my poor lonely cactus at home. It was such a fun time and of course, I left with countless things we have been needing for our apartment. But you'd never guess what happened right in the middle of the party...

This little guy randomly flew in from over the fence and landed right in the middle of where we were partying and chatting. I don't think he was a parrot but I don't think lorikeets come in blue. Everyone joked that it was a sign. He was my something borrowed, something blue, and something new[to me], and knowing how long birds live, he was probably something old. He had to be someone's pet but we had a fun time with him while we finished up the party. After everyone left we planned on going door to door to see where he belonged. If we had no luck I was going to foster him for a while, but he got spooked and flew away again :( I really hope he flew home because it was cooler that day and I don't think a tropical bird would do well overnight outside. Here's hoping he's warm and cozy back where he belongs.


  1. that bird is awesome! i hope it made it back home alright!

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