I'm still here!

Hi guys! Long time no "see"! No, I haven't disappeared. Well, at least not completely. Mike and I have been insanely busy over the past few months. Obviously, with wedding planning... but with some other things too!

Mike was offered a job here in Dayton! It's a really great opportunity so we've been dealing with those preparations lately. He actually starts the Monday we return from our honeymoon! Things are really lining up for us! I have a few job interviews I've been prepping for, and some more exciting news...

We're moving!!!

We have been planning to move out of our current apartment for a while now. It's a little cramped now that it's not just Mike and his stuff here :] But with all the wedding planing and new job celebrating, we had kind of put apartment searching to the back burner. But I'm excited to say, we found our new apartment!!!

It's in a beautiful little community not too far from where we live now and is absolutely amazing inside! Two bedrooms [I get my own craft room!!!], vaulted ceilings, outdoor patio, washer/dryer, and huge! We move in the last week of August so this next month is going to be crazy! Wedding, honeymoon, Mike's new job, then a new apartment! I see a lot of box packing in my near future!

Oh, and can you believe we're now two weeks away from the big day!?!? I know I can't!


  1. What an exciting month for you two! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and I hope you have a fun and smooth transition into married life/new jobs/new place! :)

  2. That is awesome!!!!! Congrats on everything and we definitely can't wait for all the updates with the two jobs, apartment and wedding. :D

  3. has really been that long that you two have been engaged wow! two weeks you're going to look so beautiful. good luck with your move as well so happy for you!

  4. Wow, you have a lot going on!  Sounds like it's all great stuff.  That's exciting about your almost-hubby's new job!  :)


  5. It's great to see you back again!  What an exciting month you have to look forward to (^_^) It's going to be incredible!


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