Please excuse the crappy, crappy iPhone photos but my cats lay in really weird positions. All. The. Time. Batman has always enjoyed laying, as we lovingly call it, "nuts-up". But recently, Talia has taken after her big brother and started laying in similar ways. I'll wake up in the morning and she'll be there in my armpit belly up, face squished. Or when I'm watching TV she'll plop down on my chest and roll over onto her back. They're so weird. But so unbelievably adorable. I just love our little family :)


  1. Aw your kitties are extremely cute!

  2. Oh, my goodness...adorable.  :)   Kitties are the best.  I usually wake up with one on my head and one on my feet.  Bed hogs.  Haha.

  3. SO CUTE!!! When is more of a curl-in-a-ball type kitteh when he's asleep, though he does lay on his back every now and then - Mau, however, constantly does and lately he'll do so while putting his back legs really high in the air. XD SO cute. So weird! 

  4. just take it as a sign that they feel safe in your house, when thay are laying like that they dont feel the instinkt to protekt ther neck.
    my cat alweys do it to.


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