Around Here

Batman and Talia are absolutely loving all the views they have from our many windows in the new apartment. They are endless amounts of critters to watch from up high, warm sunlight to soak up, and cool Fall breezes to add comfort to afternoon naps. We recently added a bird feeder to the patio which has added even more entertainment for them. They are in heaven.

Since moving into a nicer complex/neighborhood, Mike and I have started back up on nightly runs around the neighborhood. Sometimes we even go for a run on the quiet street we live on. One of these days we're going to challenge ourselves to a run all the way to the grille that's a couple miles down the road. We'll of course reward ourselves with some tasty food and drinks and walk casually home. At least that's the plan.

We are still in somewhat of a limbo with unpacking, organizing, and decorating. Unfortunately, since my new craft room has the luxury of a door and the ability to hide it from the rest of the house, it has been put on the back burner for now. I'm slowly unpacking things and getting organized but the other than clearing a spot for my sewing machine, it's a little chaotic.

I recently got an order for one of my custom waterproof picnic quilts so I've been hard at work on that. My mom gave me a self-healing cutting mat and rotary cutter which has made quilting so much easier. I don't know why I hadn't purchased one sooner.

What's going on around your apartment/home/space these days?


  1. Batman is such a cool name for a black cat! :)
    I'm just starting to create a craft room for myself right now too. So far, it is just a blank slate... ooooo the possibilies.
    I know you feel in limbo right now after the move, but soon enough your new place will start to feel like home :)

  2. Nice pictures and great blog! :)

  3. Love love love your furry friends! ;)


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