new apartment sneak peeks...

We are still fine tuning things in our new apartment but I just couldn't wait any longer to show off some pictures! I absolutely LOVE this apartment. It's everything I could have dreamed of! I don't think I'll ever leave haha.

The apartment is more like a flat, in that the entrance is on the street, rather than inside of a complex. We chose to have the top floor so when you enter, you go immediately up a set of stairs. I may or may not have wanted the top floor just so I could decorate a stairwell ;] I just love when people have a bunch of artwork or photos going up a set of stairs. Most of the picture frames I have managed to get on the wall are empty, but it's progress. I still need a few more frames and a lot more for the rest of the apartment.

I absolutely love all the windows the apartment has. 75% of the day we have no lights on because the natural lighting is more than enough to keep the place bright. Not only do we love the windows, but Batman and Talia are in heaven. There are so many different views for them to experience. There aren't enough hours in the day for them to see everything! :] Now maybe we'll be able to keep our house plants from dying!

The apartment living area is an open floor plan which will be great for having company over. No matter where you are sitting, you feel a part of the whole room. Whether you're sitting at the dining room table, cooking in the kitchen, seated at the awesome island, or sitting on the couch, you can be a part of the conversation at all times. I love that. We need to get some bar stools for the island because I see that being a pretty awesome place to hang when we throw parties, which we will for sure now that we have a place to be proud of :]

Another benefit to having the top floor is the patio! While the lower level also has a patio, I prefer having one two stories high so it is a little quieter and you have a better view. Not to mention it's ten times harder to break in :] We've never had a patio before so we also need to buy some outdoor furniture. I'm sure we can find some killer deals at stores now that we're heading into Fall. For the time being, though, we just decorated it with a few fold-up camp chairs and some plants. Eventually we'd like to train the cats to not stick their heads over the ledge.

Hopefully soon I'll get some more photos up of the place and how we eventually decorate it, but for now I thought these would do. Melanie has been sending more and more wedding photos so soon I should have a some posts up about our big day! But until then, Talia wants to show you how comfy she is in her new home...

...that comfy :]


  1. ohhh that is exciting!! I love having tons of sunlight in my house, so I am totally envious of the light in yours.
    Amy -

  2. Looks amazing!

  3. It looks so nice! You should try craigslist for patio furniture....I got all mine there for less than $100 :).

  4. Oh! Good idea! I will check that out :] Thanks!


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