Our Wedding | The Dessert Table [my pride and joy]

To say this dessert table was a labor of love would be an understatement. This table was my pride and joy and I spent so much time working on the tiniest details. Whether it was a pom pom out of place, or decided exactly where to set each dish, I scrutinized this dessert table to no end.

I don't really like cake and I think that a lot of the time with weddings, couples spend tons of money on a cake that not many people really even eat. Maybe it's the 3 inch layer of fondant, or just that people don't want to dig into something so pretty, but we definitely knew a dessert table was the way we wanted to go.

Above my parents' mirrored dining room table is a chandelier that my dad, so kindly, let me remove ALL the glass pieces and hang these tissue paper pom poms from it. With the lights still in place, the new pom pom chandelier could be lite from inside and created the most amazing focal point.

Just like with everything else, I wanted to keep with the color scheme. Believe it our not, green and yellow candy is actually hard to come by. I managed to find rock candy, jelly beans, mints, salt water taffy, and lemon heads to go in vases to add pops of color. But the main focus of the table were the mini desserts.

We had little shot glasses and cups filled with desserts like mousse, strawberry shortcake, smores, jello, and more. Each mini dessert had a small spoon to go with it. It was so cute I could have died. Along with the mini dessert shooters we made mini cheese cakes and mini pies. The pies, which used my great grandmother's [and now my mom's] secret crust recipe, were a total hit. We had flavors like cherry, apple, chocolate cream, rocky road, pecan, lemon meringue, peanut butter, and even a few minced meat for my grandma. We labeled each of the pies with little flags which doubled as mini forks for eating. I die!

Even though we decided to skip the cake completely, we still needed something to cut as a couple! A pie! But one problem, my favorite pie is cherry. Mike hates cherry pie. Mike's favorite pie is pumkin. I hate pumpkin pie. Problem. Enter my fantastic mother who googled and googled until she finally found a solution. A split pie pan!

[all photos shot by Melanie Reller and Carlotta Piastrelli]

My mom whipped us up the most adorable Cherry/Pumpkin pie with our initials on it. It was amazing. We cut a little piece of each side each and did the traditional cutting of the cake :]

We learned from other couples' mistakes and actually blocked off the dessert table until 8:30pm. We figured if we didn't set some rules, there would be a mangled dessert table when we arrived from after taking photos. When we finally "opened" the dessert table, it wasn't 15 minutes later there were only a few things left. I wish I would have grabbed one of the desserts sooner! Oh well ;]


  1. Gorgeous down to every little detail. So funny about you split pie... I LOVE my moms homemade cherry (& I do love pumpkin) but pumpkin is matt's favorite! MY mom makes all homemade pies during the holidays. She even uses homemade canned pumpkin :)

  2. It was an amazing display of creativity; talent and decadence. The desserts were the best I've had at ANY reception. I could have eaten 5 mini pies....yummmmm! You put alot of thought, time and effort into your reception and it was evident. Nicely done!!!

  3. now i'm inspired to get married. ^^

  4. Oh my gosh this is SO cute! I'm totally loving your wedding posts because I'm getting married next year. I am incredibly in love with that half apple half pumpkin pie. May just have to copy you on that one!
    SO Cute!

  5. YUM! What a spread! Looks tasty and inviting.


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