Our Wedding | The Food!

When we decided to have a handmade wedding, we really meant it. Everything from this wedding was completely handmade, even down to the food we served. Mike, my mom, and I slaved away all week and made every thing with the help of my lovely Aunt and Mike's best friends, Abigail and Robert. We even cubed our own cheese. Everyone loved the food and I was so glad. Mike and I made sure to stuff our faces with some food before we even began saying hi to people. No one likes a fainting bride.

One part of the food table that I was especially fond of was the DIY fruit salad bar. I love fruit salad, but I'm not a fan of melon so I end up picking around them. I decided DIY was the way to go so everyone could choose the fruit they wanted and skip over the fruit they disliked.

To make things pretty, I put the different types of fruit into vases of differing sizes. I think it made it look really dynamic and eye catching. I was off getting my dress on when they brought out and put together the fruit dip, but even that was adorable!


  1. Mmm... looks beautiful AND delicious!

  2. I love this!! The colors really pop too :)

  3. Loved seeing this! We're DIYing our own food too and we even thought to have caprese salad on a stick, too! Trying to figure out where everything will fit in is so tough! Y'alls looks wonderful. Congrats!


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