Our Wedding | My Bridal Bouquet [DIY!]

I love flowers. I do. But I like my flowers potted safely in the ground, not cut with eminent death in the next 5-7 days. That is why when it came to deciding on what I would carry as I walked "down the aisle" I knew I wanted something that would stick around forever. I chose to make a fabric flower bouquet so I could keep it for decor and look at it fondly for years to come. And in typical handmade wedding fashion, I documented the creative process for you guys!

Going with the yellow of my bridesmaids, I decided to use white and yellow flowers along with "billy buttons" which, in real life, are a type of dried daisy. Let's get started!

To make this as easy as possible, I'll just list off the whole shopping list first. For this bouquet, you will need green floral wire, felted balls in the color of your choice (I got mine from 8-Natur on Etsy), white satin fabric, a sewing needle, white thread, pearl beads, accent beads, yellow ribbon with wire at the edges in two different sizes, yellow and white felt, brooches (mine were my grandmother's old jewelry), fabric tape, twine, white netting, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, a candle, and a hot glue gun.

For the yellow flowers and billy buttons, production is super simple. For the flowers, cut off a strip of ribbon about 12-inches long. Hold one end and pull the wire on one side until the ribbon scrunches in on itself. Then take needle and thread and sew up the flower. Add a pearl button and viola! You have a cute yellow flower.

The billy buttons and brooches are even simpler. Just take a felted ball/brooch and blue it to the end of the floral wire. Bam! Couldn't be easier!

Now for the more challenging flower... this one will require a bit of playing with fire. So try not to burn the house down :] I was lucky enough to have the help of my amazing fiance, now hubby, with the flowers. Thank you, Mike :]

Cut your satin fabric into circle-like pieces. The bigger the petals, the bigger the flower. I chose to make the edges wavy for a more realistic look. Carefully warm the edges until they begin to melt and curl up. Don't hold it too close to the flame or the white fabric will burn and turn dark. Once you have enough petals for the flower you want, sew them together with needle and thread and add a pearl button.

On a few white flowers, I used a shiny button or a crystal button for accents. It's up to you how you choose to treat the center!

This step will be used on both the yellow and white flowers. Use needle nose pliers to form a curve at the end of your floral wire. Using a hot glue gun, adhere the wire to the back of your flower. Once that is dry, cut out small circles in the coordinating color of felt. Cut a slit half way through the circle for the wire to go through. Add more glue to the back and press the felt on the back of the flower. This process covers up the wire and glue. You won't see the backs of the flowers in the end but I like to go the extra mile and do this step. You can choose to skip it if you'd like.

Do that step with all of your pieces. Of course, if you choose to add a felt back, you do not need one for the brooches or billy buttons. Now you should have a bunch of flowers. It's best to overcompensate because making a bouquet takes a lot of flowers. Whatever you have left over can be added to your toss bouquet.  

Once you have your flowers arranged in a way you like, begin to wrap the stems in floral tape. Start high up so that the flowers won't move on the big day. I chose to leave some of the stems at the bottom exposed so I stopped the tape about half an inch from the bottom.

Once you've wrapped the stems you'll want to cover up bottom of the flowers, especially if you skipped the step of covering the wire. Take about 24-inches of white tulle and using thread, synch up the edge into a tight circle. Slide this up the stem and glue it into place at the base of the flowers.

Glue the tulle at the base of the flowers so we don't see the bottoms of the flowers. Now, grab some twine and glue it just below the tulle and begin to wrap it around the floral tape. I chose to stop early so some of the "stems" would show at the base.

[photos by melanie reller]

Depending on how many flowers you made, you probably have enough for a smaller toss bouquet! Or this might just be for a cute centerpiece in your home. However you do it, it will last for years and years to come :] I decided to even wrap a mason jar and two mini bottles to create an arrangement.

[photo by melanie reller]


  1. Congratulations on your recent wedding! It looks so pretty. I love the combination and fabrics that you used. How long did it take you to put them all together.

  2. I've always bought a polyester, maybe that's why. I'll try satin!

  3. Wow that is beautiful, I am really impressed!

  4. Love the bouquet! Very unique! Question...did you have a hard time finding the right satin material to make the flowers and burn with a candle to melt? I've made lots of flowers, some burn and turn black on the ends, some don't. At my Joann's, I can never find the right one twice. Your thoughts on finding the right ones in the store that works?

  5. I get all my fabric from JoAnn and have never really had a difficult time finding the fabric. I just get satin fabric from the special occasions section. The white is a little difficult to keep from burning so you just have to keep it as far from the flame as possible while still melting the edge. You're trying to melt it, not burn it, if that makes sense.

  6. oh yay! I love this!!!! :)

  7. Wow it really looks awesome, i love the fact that you can keep it for yeard to come as a memmory and not have real flowers which will just die.


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