Pamper the Bride [not me]

Have I mentioned that my beautiful cousin, Chelsea, is getting married as well in just under two weeks? I couldn't be more excited for her, especially as a newly wed myself. My mom and I decided way back when that we wanted to throw Chelsea a bridal shower after Mike and my wedding was over. By then, we were sure to be well-seasoned party throwers. 

We wanted to do a theme that we hadn't been done at a shower we had personally been to, so we chose Pink Spa. I designed up some invites and we sent them out right after I got back from our honeymoon.

August 11th came and went, and soon enough it was time to start prepping for the bridal shower! What my mom and I didn't realize is how frazzled we would be after pulling off the wedding of the season! We were pulling things together all the way up until minutes before the shower guests arrived. But after all the running around and hair-pulling, I think we managed to pull off a pretty cute bridal shower.

Similar to our wedding dessert table, we had a "TREATments" table for the bridal shower. We still had yet to replace the original chandelier above the table from the wedding so I took it as a sign that another "centerpiece" needed to be made. I took pink and white balloons and made a bubble chandelier.

My mom is quite the scrapbooker and paper craft person so she made floral bands to wrap around the flatware and napkins which made our grab-and-go table even easier.

We stuck with appetizers and desserts that we mostly handmade ourselves. We reused the mini dessert sets we bought for the wedding and made tiny single serving appetizers for people to grab and and be able to eat without needing a table. My mom hand made heart shaped bread from scratch and made three types of tea sandwiches. Those little guys went fast!

One of my favorite parts of the TREATments table was the DIY deviled egg bar we set up. We made dozens of basic deviled eggs and had all sorts of toppings for people to put on their eggs. This was perfect because you could be as safe or as adventurous as you wanted with your deviled egg. And man, do I love deviled eggs. I probably had half a dozen!

At the center of the table we had a Spa themed cheese ball that my mom made from a recipe found on Pinterest via Hungry Happenings. It felt a little odd carving into it when it was finally time to dig in but it was delicious.

The desserts were the only thing we didn't hand make. I had high hopes of making my famous cake pops and trying a new recipe my boss gave me for sugar cookies, but when it got down to the line we decided somethings have to give. I think it worked out for the best. I mean, those cupcakes and cookies are to die for!

The bubble cupcakes were purchased from the Cupcake Divas in Waynesville, Ohio. If you are a Southern Ohio dweller, I would seriously recommend these ladies for your wedding desserts, or even just to stop by for a quick treat!

The cookies are called "Laura's Cookies" and were custom made for us by Dorothy Lane Market where Mike and I first met. Once again, I would really recommend you try one someday. Did I mention they mail these guys all over the country?

We got to reuse the wedding drink dispensers as well, which was nice. We had White Sangria, Passion Iced Tea, and Pink Lemonade which were all a hit. Especially the Tazo Passion Iced Tea, which is my favorite thing ever!

What bridal shower, let alone a spa themed one, would be complete without a little bubbly? We had chilled pink champagne complete with floated raspberries to go along with the pink theme.

Of course, we had to play a few games. Especially since I had put together 6 really cute spa prizes that needed to be given away! We started off with a simple door prize and gave a prize to the person with the closest anniversary to Chelsea's wedding date, October 6th. Then we gave another prize to the person with the closest birthday to the wedding date. Who doesn't love getting prizes right off the bat? 

After that, we passed out three clothespins to each guest and told them three words (honeymoon, wedding, and love) that they were to avoid saying throughout the remainder of the shower. If you heard someone say one of the words you were able to snatch one of their clothespins. Whoever had the most pins at the end got a prize. We then had a quick drawing/raffle where everyone wrote a piece of advice for Chelsea and put it in a sealed envelope for us to draw a winner and Chelsea to be able to read later on. 

Finally, we brought out "He Said/She Said", which I'm sure you have seen all over the place, as well as Pinterest. I designed up some sheets to go along with the bubble invites and asked Chelsea and Stephen to answer a few questions. The guests had to guess who said which quote and circle 'C' or 'S' depending on if they thought Chelsea said it or Stephen. We even purchased personalized pencils for everyone to use for all of our games. We pulled out all the stops for this shower.

Finally, as the shower came to an end, we had our guests take with them the home made favors my mom created. Inside each baggy was a jar of bath scrub, a bag of bath salts, and a few bath salt bombs. All, of course, pink in color. My mom even made them grapefruit-vanilla scented.

Overall, I think the bridal shower was a hit! Chelsea had a blast and once again, we threw a pretty rad party. I won't lie, I'm pretty excited for more of my friends to get married or even get pregnant. I do love throwing themed parties now :]


  1. Looks really. This is something that is really new to me. Everything looks amazing. Kudos to the photographer for really capturing the ever. What type of fruits are inside the wine glass?

  2. This looks like a deliciously bubbly and girly event! I'm with DJ Kittie - make this your job :)

  3. Maybe you should do this as a job! Just throw your baking, party throwing and graphic skills to the test. :]

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