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When Mike and I decided we wanted to have our little wedding at my parents' house, we knew we still wanted to have a semi-traditional ceremony "venue". My parents' backyard has always been a little oasis in the neighborhood but no matter where we chose, there was always the problem of being able to see the neighbors' house in the background. So after days of discussing and hours spent on Pinterest, I decided what we needed was a fabric backdrop!

I wanted to be able to reuse it for future parties and events so we came up with a simple PVC frame and stand that would be easy to take apart and put back together between uses. And now you can make one too!

If you've never dealt with PVC before, don't freak out. Neither had we. Constructing this backdrop frame was actually the easiest part of the project. You can find all of these parts at any of your big name home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Just head over to the PVC aisle and start by picking your pipe thickness. We chose the third smallest size. We didn't want something bulky, but at the same time we needed a bit of sturdiness for how long and tall the backdrop needed to be. If you're going for something smaller, you might try a smaller diameter. You'll need four PVC pipes. For our size, we ended up with no scraps. The perfect project! As for the other pieces and joints, they weren't labeled like above in the store. We pretty much knew in our heads what pieces we needed and just searched for them in the right size. We also don't like asking for help [problems of DIY addicts]

Measure out your PVC pipes. We wanted out backdrop to be 8-feet by 8-feet. We measured and marked each of the four pieces and Mike cut them down to 8-feet long, leaving four 2-foot long pieces. These are your frame legs!

Now you should have eight PVC pipes. The long ones will make the frame while the 4 short scrap pieces will act perfectly as the legs. You have to love when you don't have left overs! Alright, now for the fun part... I suggest doing this in the shade. Especially if you're living in 105 degree Ohio heat :]

Connect the four leg pieces together using the Slip Socket Tees shown in the first image. Now you will have the two stands for the frame.

Take two of the long 8-foot pieces and attach the Slip Socket Elbows to the ends. Now lay out your pieces like they will be in the end. One long 8-foot piece will not be in use yet, neither will the Snap-on Slip Socket Tees. Begin to connect the pieces together using the attached joints.

Once connected, your frame should look like the above photo. Without the final step, this frame is very unstable and would most likely fall over or bow with added weight.

Take your Male Adapter piece and Snap-On Slip Socket Tee and connect them. You will use this to add the support beam of sorts.

Snap the Tee on at the height you would like it. The higher it is, the more support it gives, however, we didn't want it viewable in photos. We chose to place it about a foot from the ground. Once we popped in the final PVC pipe we put it into place to make sure it would be hidden behind the plants around where our ceremony would take place. Perfect! Now that Mike's part of the project is done, moving on to the sewing part!

We did this project over the span of a few weeks. We chose not to use any sort of glue in the construction phase so that it can be easily taken apart and stored. So there was about a week in between the construction and the sewing. It might be smart to sew up the pipe cover before construction if you don't plan on taking your frame apart after its built. Just to save yourself having to take it apart for no reason.

For the fabric part of this, I worked with the lovely ladies behind Whimsy Quilts to pick the perfect fabric for the project. I ended up getting 3 yards of four different kinds of fabric, of course sticking with the wedding colors of green, yellow, and grey. In the end, I decided I needed one more pop of color so I got a kraft-brown color fabric from my local fabric store.

Cut the fabric into long strips about 4 inches wide. The width isn't too important. I just cut each length of fabric into eighths along the fold marks that were already present. Then take your pile of strips over toy our sewing machine and sew loops for the PVC pipe to go through. I didn't measure anything out. I pretty much just eyeballed it each time. I wasn't looking for perfection with this project :]

Once you have one loop at the end of each fabric strip, loop them onto your PVC frame. After this is done, you are pretty much finished! Set up your backdrop for a photo-op, or for your own wedding ceremony! The possibilities are endless! We chose to take some cheap white fabric and wrap it around the actual PVC pipes that were still visible on the sides. We didn't want the black print/numbers on the pipes to show up in any photos. They were a pretty big eyesore just looking at while we set it up!

With Ohio heat and unpredictable weather, we decided to have the option to use this backdrop inside in case it rained or was just too bloody hot out which is why we did not use glue. This also means the frame can be used over and over again at different events just by changing out the fabric. After the ceremony we wanted to be able to pop the back legs off and prop it up in the living room for a photobooth throughout the wedding. Well, the weather the day of the wedding turned out to be a beautiful 70 degrees but we decided to lessen the work of the day by having the ceremony indoors. It was a big hit. I see a lot of photobooths in my future :]

 My two maids of honor ^^^ (I love them so)


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