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While it may still be November, it's after Thanksgiving and that means... Christmas decorations and presents! Mike and I decided to get a head start on Christmas presents this year and started buying gifts for our family and friends even before Thanksgiving. In years past, we have scrambled last minute to get gifts for people and that was something I did not want to do this year.

Well, when I set my mind to something, I really produce. And my friends, it's November 29th and ALL of our Christmas presents have been purchased! Three of them are handmade and I'm still working on getting them finished, but everything I need for them has been purchased. This is unheard of. I feel like a champion.

Maybe it's being a newlywed, or maybe it's our charming apartment, but this year I really wanted to go all out for the presents with coordinating wrapping paper and matching gift tags. We went to our favorite store, Target, and picked out two different wrapping paper rolls, matching bows, and then I went home and designed up some gift tags to match.

Since the holidays are all about sharing, what fun would it be to keep these to myself? No fun at all, no fun at all. So, here you go! Snag this file down here and go print your own! I used 3M's full sheet white shipping labels and printed them at home. You can buy them on Amazon or find them in most office supply stores. Once you print, just cut them out however you deem fit. I cut all the way around each one, but you could also just cut out a square around each sticker. The wrapping paper I used can still be found at Target, but I don't know for how long so I suggest going and snagging some! I love the black and red together.

If you end up printing some of these off and get the same wrapping paper I'd love to see a picture! Link me up in the comments! Happy holidays!


  1. You and my best friend have identical handwriting its unreal! Love that wrapping paper. I have always been notorious for getting my shopping down early. I don't like the anxiety of running around last minute, being extremely broke in December (LOL) and then the LINES in the shops. I've always taken pride in it but with work and a part timer, wedding planning and getting handmade together it's not been so good this year. ahh! I'm just about finished. So, I am envious of YOU! Merry Christmas love!

  2. So cute! Thank you.


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