Our Wedding | The Ceremony

Our ceremony... how do I even put it into words? It was the most amazing 20 minutes I could have ever imagined. Everything was perfect, even the imperfections. 

We aren't ones for tradition, nor are we ones to ask a lot our of our friends. We chose to have the guys just buy grey t-shirts and wear khaki shorts while the girls just wore yellow dresses. Definitely not traditional, but we did have a makeshift processional where our brothers walked out the moms and the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked out arm and arm. We did, however, choose different music. The processional was done with Anberlin's "Inevitable" playing. Anberlin is my favorite band and actually has been a huge part of our relationship together as a couple.

I think the offbeat music choice gave it a fun spin and what really made things interesting was when Abigail, Mike's best friend, and Conner and Justin, my two best guy friends, walked out together and then went to their sides.... which weren't traditional at all. Justin and Conner were on my side, and Abigail stood with the groomsmen. That got a chuckle or two from our small crowd.

Just before I walked out with my dad, the song switched from "Inevitable" to Anberlin's "You Belong Here" I actually edited the song a bit to make it fit perfectly with walking to the "alter" and it was absolutely perfect. But before I even walked out, one of the day's perfect imperfections happened... Out of nowhere everyone started cracking up. I had no clue why because I was so focused on not falling on my face but then I realized that my childhood/parents' cat, Booster, had decided to walk out from the hallway and into the middle of the ceremony. She must have thought she was our honorary flower girl, but it was so funny.

When my dad and I turned the corner to walk out and I caught my first glimpse of Mike, all I could do was smile. I'm not a very emotional person so everyone joked that Mike would be the first and only one to cry at the ceremony. I'll be honest, I thought that too. Mike's eyes got a tad misty, but no crying :]

Mike and I wrote our own vows and included everything in them that was required to count as a real marriage. We really didn't want to do the whole "Allison, do you take Mike to be your lawfully blah blah blah" so we made sure to include that verbiage in our vows. For some couples, that traditional aspect is perfect. But it just didn't go with who were were as a couple, so we nixed it. 

I went first in the reading of the vows. I looked down at my little piece of paper and just stared. Nothing came out of my mouth. And that, my friends, is when I burst into tears. It took laughing out loud at the fact that I was the one who cried, to get myself to stop. After that, I managed to say my vows, listen to Mike's, kiss that handsome face, and viola! We were married.

We walked out of the living room to Dwight Yoakam's remix to Queen's "This Thing Called Love". Mike and I hugged and quickly chatted about tiny details before we headed outside where everyone was waiting for us with giant kids' bubble wands. Bubbles at weddings are pretty cool, but giant bubble wands are crazy awesome.

And that, my friends, is the story of how we got murried.

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