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Like I've already shared, our wedding ceremony and reception were held at my parents' house. When it came to getting ready, we decided to stay all together but split the house by floors. My bridesmaids and I got ready upstairs in the master suite while the guys got ready downstairs in what my Dad and brother like to call, "The Man Cave"

So while my bridesmaids and I were chatting and sipping pink champagne, Mike and his groomsmen were downstairs watching sports on the television while drinking a few brews.

What made this funny was the fact that Mike had a girl as a groomsman and I had two guys as "bridesmen". Abigail, Mike's groomslady, was running up and down the stairs trying to get ready while enjoying the company of her fellow groomsmen. Maybe a double standard, but we told my two bridesmen to stay downstairs for getting ready :] They seemed to be pretty content with that decision.

The getting ready process before the wedding was so fun. I loved hanging out with my amazing friends while relaxing after a very busy prep week. Even with the small and intimate wedding we planned, I had major butterflies when it came time to walk down the "aisle". It made me so glad we didn't have a hundred people at our ceremony. I about passed out walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. This chick doesn't like to have all eyes on her.

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  1. My best friend got married in a Victorian mansion last summer, and I was totally jealous of how small and intimate her wedding was. I had a couple hundred people at mine, and I don't know what I was thinking. I almost threw up multiple times before the ceremony because I was so nervous. That's not the kind of wedding memories you want! I'm glad yours turned out differently :)


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