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A few weeks back I was contacted by Kendall-Jackson, a family owned vineyard and winery in the Sonoma Valley. I was honored to be contacted by such an amazing and well-known winery so when they asked me to take a look at their iPhone/Android app and taste a couple of their wines, I was in. Little did I know, I would actually fall slightly in love with their app!

K-J sent us their Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay and Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. I happen to have a mild sulfite allergy so any more than a half glass of red wine will make me sick. This is a terrible thing for me because I l-o-v-e red wine. I did really enjoy my small taste before handing it over to Mike, who is a huge red wine fan. He was also in love. As for the Vintner’s Reserve, when it comes to Chardonnay, I’m typically more of a steel tank fan. Surprisingly, The Vintner’s Reserve which uses an oak barrel, was probably one of my favorite Chardonnays to date! I’ll definitely be buying more of it in the future.

Now, on to my favorite part, the K-J app. I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical when Kendall-Jackson told me about their app. I’ve seen my fair share of apps developed by businesses, so I half expected their app to be run-of-the-mill and simply informative. Wrong.

The minute I opened the K-J app I was happily surprised. As a graphic designer, I swooned over the fantastic design that played on the natural feel of a vineyard, colors of wine, and even wine stain overlays. The app is extremely well laid out and easy to navigate. Not only can you get information about Kendall-Jackson, the app suggests wines for you based on occasion, time of day, mood, flavor, and even the color of your food! The only thing I suggested they add is a tab of suggestions for cheese pairings. Everybody loves some cheese and wine.

If you’re a wine lover like me, I’d really suggest downloading this app. Even if you don’t end up buying a Kendall-Jackson wine, this app is great for pairing different types of wine for the perfect moment. And who doesn’t love a well designed app? But I have to say, for the price, Kendall-Jackson is a great wine.

If you'd like to try out the K-J app, it is available in both the iPhone App Store, as well as the Android Market. If you download it, I'd love to know what you think!

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