Don’t Knock It ‘till You’ve Tried It

If we’re being completely honest, a year ago these words probably (definitely) came out of my mouth, “I will NEVER work for ‘the man’”. Yes, a year ago today, I swore I would never work for corporate America. I was going to live freely as a graphic designer in a small design firm, or even freelance. But working for a big company? No, that was out of the question.
Well, friends, here I am… working for a major international IT consulting firm as their in-house graphic designer. And I LOVE it.
Even at 22 years old, I’ve done a wide range of design. Freelance, non-profit, small business, and even worked at a small advertising agency for a short time. Each one had their pros and cons, some I liked more than others. But I have to say, I am really enjoying the things that come along with working for a large corporation.
I do have a strict set of guidelines I have to follow when it comes to logo use and useable colors. I’m a problem solver first and foremost and that just makes designing things that much more entertaining to me. In other design environments, I was given full design freedom, which was great. This just adds a whole new spin to design for me. My ONE complaint is that I work on a dreadful PC. But I’m working on getting that changed.
Annual reports, business flyers, b2b white papers, marketing reports… bring it on. Who says design in  corporate America has to be boring?


  1. Sometimes it's not that bad to be a little fish in a big corporate pond...I'm a marketing analyst for a newspaper distribution company and while it's small company I wish I had the benefits and the mobility of a larger company. Best wishes to you and your career!

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  2. Haha I am in the same position! Well, I work for a manufacturing company, but I'm an in house designer. Did you find that your education prepared you for your job? I felt like my teachers taught us to be freelancers, so when I got my job, I felt overwhelmed.


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