Weekends are the Best

(that last one is insanely blurry but I just couldn't help myself, Talia is such a goober)

I think it's pretty obvious, weekends are the greatest creation ever. Alright, I still think Fazoli's is the greatest creation ever, but weekends are are very close second. We've been so busy lately with the holidays and preparing for a big event (which I will talk more about soon), that I had forgotten how nice it is to just lounge around and do NOTHING. My plan for this lazy Sunday? Watch a few movies we got for Christmas and maybe do a little online shopping :) How has your weekend been?


  1. I love weekends as well. I also love working in education and having winter break <3

  2. Pretty kitty! And yes, treasure the weekend! I don't get nearly enough of them away from work so I love to spend them doing -nothing at all-. Hope you enjoyed!

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