I'm not one for making resolutions. Let's be honest, half the time we don't come close to reaching them. But, with a 2013 here in front of me, I can't help but think about what I'd like to work towards in this brand new shiny year. So, I've made a little list of goals/intentions for the new year...

1. Build my wardrobe. Mike and I are working on adding to out wardrobe and trying to focus on "quality over quantity" while shopping for new additions to our closet. I will be trying [very hard] to start accessorizing more. That means more shoes [yay!] and jewelry! 2. Grow that savings account. It always seem that the more you earn, the higher you climb. Personally, we really enjoy the idea of living below our means and enjoying the secure feeling that comes along with a cushioned bank account. Sure, living in a fancy home is probably really nice, but so is knowing that we could survive any challenge that's thrown our way. Plus, the less we spend on a mortgage/rent, the more shoes I can have ;) Kidding (kind of). 3. Do more good in the world. On the other hand, living below our means equals extra money that we can use to help others. Whether it's dropping cat litter off at the shelter, adopting a family, or just donating our time here and there, I'd really like to continue to make charity a huge part of our lives. 4. Finish decorating our apartment while searching for our first home. Like I've mentioned before, Mike and I are house hunting. We are looking for a nice little starter home, ideally something we can enjoy renovating over time. We love DIY (if it wasn't already apparent) so a decent fixer-upper would be perfect for us. Until we close on a home though, we plan to continue the decorating process of our current apartment. I need to work on being more "in the moment" and enjoy the right now.

and just to throw a wrench in the works...

5. Run a half marathon. Ok, it's better than "run a full marathon". At least I'm being somewhat realistic (except not). I don't run. It's not my thing. At least not outdoors. Give me a treadmill and some music and I can go for miles. But me and concrete, we don't get along. But I'm not going to lie, I want one of those darn 13.1 stickers for my car! Yes, the reason behind this intention is pretty surface deep, but hey, it will do this girl some good to have something concrete and material to work for.

What are some of your goals/intentions for 2013?


  1. Your resolutions sound pretty similar to mine! I'm new to your blog and I love it!

    Hope to keep in touch!


  2. Haven't set my resolutions yet - though I like your living below your means one. Something I need to encourage my husband to think about!

  3. Good luck on everything, I hope you'll be able to do all of those things. Happy New Year! :)

  4. i also will be working on my wardrobe! have to stop impulse buying.

  5. i love that you intentionally live below your means ; we do too & we just feel so much more 'full' by being mindful of our money.
    good luck on the running, friend.


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