Meet Batman (again)

After complaining about my camera for the thousandth time and finding a great deal, Mike gave me my birthday present 4 months early.... A Canon T4i!!!

Previously, I had a Nikon d3000 that I bought back in my freshman year of college for taking photos of projects. It is a good starter DSLR but if you want to do anything more than point-and-shoot, it's not the greatest. Even after changing all the settings... ISO, aperture, white balance, blah blah blah, I still was never able to get a decent photo of our adorable black kitty. He always showed up as a black blob, which is why you rarely see photos of our fur family on here.

Not anymore! The first thing I did with the camera was run around the apartment to find Batman. I was going to judge the greatness of the camera based solely on whether it could grab a good picture of the Bats... and it did!

I couldn't be happier with my new toy. I'm thinking a photo-a-day is in the works for February... maybe even the whole year! So, to wrap up this little post, I would like to reintroduce you to the cutest cat (read: mini panther) around... Batman.


  1. Batman is SUCH an adorable cat. Makes me want to get a black cat whenever our taxes come in. ;]

    (No seriously, my man and I have been talking about getting a black cat for several months now...and recently a black rat).

  2. You should!!! Black cats are the sweetest things ever. Batman is such a little love bug. And what's sad is black cats and black dogs are usually the last to get adopted because of superstition :(

    Such a waste because I swear they are the most lovable cats EVER.

  3. Hi Batman! Such a great photo.

    That's a shame what you say about black kitties not being adopted due to superstition because here in the UK they are actually considered lucky. That, and they are dead cute!

  4. Awww well I'm glad at least ONE place sees the awesomeness of black kitties :) America needs to kick it into gear.

  5. He's so cute :)
    My friends have a long haired black cat named Warlock and a new short haired black kitten named Zazz, haha.

    I also totally want a good camera. My phone isn't cutting it anymore :( So nice of Mike!



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