A Photo a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Now that I have my brand new, shiny Canon I thought it would be fun to start a 365 project. We'll see if I stick to it but wouldn't it be so fun to create a book at the end of the year? Does anyone else have a 365 project going? I'd love to take a look!

02.03.13 - Mike and I had a bunch of friends over for the Super Bowl and decided to lay out some snacks. I'm fairly certain I ate my weight in cheese. No big deal.

02.04.13 - Ever since we got Talia spayed she has been such a cuddle bug! I am loving it! She does this adorable thing where she curls up in a tiny ball right beside you.

02.05.13 - Mike has been working 2p-11p lately which is horrid, but we are managing pretty well. I've been spending my nights alone with the fur babies catching up on my TV shows, getting some blog related stuff done, and mainly just lounging.

02.06.13 - Don't tell Talia but I have a favorite cat. The Bats. He's such a love monster. I can't take it. If there is a blanket on your lap, you can be sure there will be a Batman there momentarily. I love that little [big] goober!

02.07.13 - I really enjoy watching my brother play basketball. He is such a good athlete. I drove and picked up my grandma so she could come as watch as well and ended up spending the night because she lives a pretty fair distance away.

02.08.13 - Before leaving my grandma's for work she cooked me up the most amazing breakfast ever. I'm not sure I'll even have room for lunch today!


  1. well, well, well... i also have a 365 project going on but i've already failed half a dozen days.
    i've started a new notebook where i wanted to write for 365 days in a row - i can write anythng i want :-)

  2. what a fun post, the breakfast your Grandmother prepared looks so yummy too. Hugs

  3. Oh my gosh that breakfast looks amazing! Never would have thought to add a cinnamon roll to my eggs and bacon bfast. yum.



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